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Our Vision

Data isn't the new oil - it's the new uranium. Privacy needs to be as fundamental to enterprise systems as reliability, not added on piecemeal after the fact.

Infrastructure needs to be Privacy Aware, understanding what data can be — and is — used for, from the first time it enters a system, to the last time it leaves it.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help businesses respect privacy rights and comply with regulation, while maintaining product velocity, building healthy product teams and cutting costs. 

As consumers, we want companies to use our data responsibly, but as builders of technology companies we know how hard it is to avoid mistakes in a fast-changing, fragmented regulatory environment. 

Today’s infrastructure was not built to carry metadata and policies alongside data, so the two end up separated. As a result, data-use policies have to be enforced at the point of use, with custom glue code and manual processes. 

At the same time, businesses have to use data more and more - for ad attribution, growth analytics, marketing, personalization and product improvements. The best businesses connect data between dozens of cloud services. This requires a complex, hard-to-update system of integrations and data flows.

We aim to place a user data store that natively understands PII and compliance at the heart of these flows. We will replace the infinite patch code & manual compliance work with a single, clean, private-by-design system. We will improve compliance by making it effortless - and free engineering teams to get back to their mission.

Leadership Team

Vladimir Fedorov

Facebook VP of Privacy Infrastructure
Microsoft, Caltech

Steve Garrity

Founder and CEO, Hearsay Microsoft, Stanford

Jay Parikh

Board of Directors, Atlassian Co-CEO, Lacework, VP Facebook

Kutta Srinivasan

Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Caltech

Open roles

Our vision is big. To realize it, we need to hire great people - people who want to change the way the world operates.

If you are tired of over-optimizing a minor metric, if you feel like your work doesn't matter, if you want to make bigger impact - UserClouds may be the place for you.

EngineersWe're hiring experienced front- and back-end engineers who want to build systems that make building and scaling great products easy. Who want to define and build new categories of products. And who believe software should protect privacy by design - not just by afterthought.

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