Meet UserClouds.
Our origin story

UserClouds was born out of problems we’ve been solving, together and separately, for almost two decades, from Microsoft to startups to Facebook.

We’ve done this in companies of two people, all the way up to the biggest data stores in the world, and we have the battle scars to prove it.

If you’re going to transform your infrastructure, you want a team behind you that understands both the technical and the business complexity involved.

Our vision

Data isn't the new oil - it's the new uranium. Privacy needs to be as fundamental to your systems as reliability, not added on piecemeal after the fact.

Your infrastructure needs to be Privacy Aware, understanding what data can be — and is — used for from the first time it enters your system, to the last time it exits.

Our goal is to help you respect privacy rights and comply with regulation, while maintaining product velocity, building a healthy product team and cutting costs. 

Our beliefs

We believe in Privacy

We believe people deserve to have confidence that their data will never be used to harm them.

We believe in Growth

We believe that businesses need to grow to stay relevant, and that growth is not anathema to privacy.

We believe in Iteration

When it comes to your most fundamental infrastructure, we believe many small, testable changes in sequence are the best way to get you safely where you need to go.

Leadership Team

Vladimir Fedorov

Facebook VP of Privacy Infrastructure
Microsoft, Caltech

Steve Garrity

Founder and CEO, Hearsay Microsoft, Stanford

Jay Parikh

Board of Directors, Atlassian Co-CEO, Lacework, VP Facebook

Kutta Srinivasan

Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Caltech