Privacy, made,,
Privacy, made simple
Centralize and secure your PII

Make compliance effortless, with private-by-design infrastructure

Free your engineering team to focus on your mission
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Sound familiar...?

Growing privacy costs

Spending precious engineering time on privacy and compliance? 

Patching privacy problems one at a time, rather than solving root cause issues? 

Wasting precious resources handling repetitive data requests?

Growing privacy risks

Are you in the dark about your biggest exposures?

‍Is your sensitive data spread across several systems & 3rd parties? 

Are you and your board worried about regulatory liability or data breaches?

An unclear path forward

Wondering what good looks like in privacy? Or when to stop investing?

Concerned about how you’ll keep up with fragmenting, evolving regulation?

Looking for a cost-efficient way to get compliant?

Introducing UserClouds
Give privacy to the experts - and get back to building what matters.
Products & Services

Private Identity Platform

Reclaim ownership and control of sensitive data with a private-by-design AuthN & AuthZ platform.

Centralize your sensitive data & your enforcement of access policies to minimize your risk of fines and data breaches, with minimal effort.

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Privacy Strategy Audits

Work with the world’s leading privacy experts.

Get x-ray vision into your privacy exposures.

Learn the most efficient path to get compliant & secure.

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Privacy Ops

Automate & outsource your manual privacy work, like information & deletion requests.

Let your team get back to building the things that matter.

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developed by Privacy & Product Leaders at...

Leadership Team

Vladimir Fedorov

Facebook VP of Privacy Infrastructure
Microsoft, Caltech

Steve Garrity

Founder and CEO, Hearsay Microsoft, Stanford

Jay Parikh

Board of Directors, Atlassian, CEO, Lacework, VP Facebook

Kutta Srinivasan

Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Caltech