Automate and outsource your manual privacy work
✓ Plug our privacy experts into your privacy support channels

✓ Delegate and automate your customer information and deletion requests

✓ Maintain oversight with tracking & analytics for key queries and workflows
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Privacy@, by UserClouds

Free your team

Piecemeal information requests slow down your team and interrupt their headspace. Run your privacy operations on auto-pilot, so your team can get back to building what matters.

Get peace of mind

Get x-ray vision into the status of all your queries, so you can feel peace of mind about your privacy compliance - without the heavy lifting.

Cut your costs

Transfer ownership of low-value customer information requests away from your highest-skilled employees. Start maintaining compliance from just $5/request.

Privacy Operations - on auto-pilot

Plug UserClouds's privacy experts into your privacy support channels (e.g. email, SMS, 1-800 #)

Let them serve & automate your customer information and deletion requests

Get analytics and reports into key queries and workflows

How it works

Plug us into your customer-facing privacy channels and we’ll handle the rest

Request Handling

Our Privacy Service Team receives, verifies, routes and responds to all your customer requests.

Your team will be spared distracting, manual work - so they can get back to building what matters.

Response Automation

Our Privacy Service Team automatically verifies your customer's identity before providing private data.

They will recognize, suggest, and automate responses for frequent queries with the same answer (like third-party vendor usage, privacy policy, etc).

Tracking & Analytics

Track requests, timelines, and outstanding tasks seamlessly.

Approve every response before it goes out (if you want to!).

Get analytics & monthly reports on request volumes, time costs, types and response times.

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Where do I need it?

If you do business in California (or Virginia, Washington, Europe, Canada, Brazil, Singapore, Japan, or India), you’re required by law to handle privacy inquiries & requests across multiple inbound channels including a toll-free number. While some small companies are exempted from some of these regulations, the end-consumer does not understand this & ignoring their requests puts your relationship with them at risk.

developed by Privacy & Product Leaders at...

Leadership Team

Vladimir Fedorov

Facebook VP of Privacy Infrastructure
Microsoft, Caltech

Steve Garrity

Founder and CEO, Hearsay Microsoft, Stanford

Jay Parikh

Board of Directors, Atlassian Co-CEO, Lacework, VP Facebook

Kutta Srinivasan

Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Caltech