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Do you know what your major privacy risks and exposures are? 

Are you clear on where your data sits and how it moves?

Have you cataloged the data that is exposed to third parties and contractors? 


Are you and your board worried about regulatory liability?

Do you own sensitive data (e.g. health data or SSNs) that are at risk of data breach?


Have you defined what good looks like for privacy at your company?

Are you clear on which decisions and actions need to be taken today?

Are you looking for a time- and cost-efficient way to get compliant and secure?

Introducing Privacy Strategy Audits, by UserClouds
Take the most efficient path to getting compliant & secure

World-leading privacy experts

Comprehensive data and policy audits

Cost- and risk-weighted compliance roadmapping

How it works


We will identify, assess & prioritize your top privacy risks.

Over 4-6 weeks, our global privacy experts will map the flows & storage of sensitive data, internally and externally. We’ll identify areas of non-compliance and vulnerability.


We will find you the most efficient path to compliance & security.

We’ll scope, cost and prioritize solutions to your top risks, advising on where to build & buy. We’ll build your Privacy Strategy & Roadmap to limit exposure at minimal cost. We’ll help you assign owners & set realistic timelines to help you deliver without disrupting your business.


We'll empower your technical and compliance teams to work in harmony - not in opposition.

Together, we’ll implement your Strategy & Roadmap to get secure & compliant as fast & cheaply as possible. So you can get back to focusing on your customer.

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Vladimir Fedorov

Facebook VP of Privacy Infrastructure
Microsoft, Caltech

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Founder and CEO, Hearsay Microsoft, Stanford

Jay Parikh

Board of Directors, Atlassian Co-CEO, Lacework, VP Facebook

Kutta Srinivasan

Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Caltech